<hero description="8bs is an elite group in a game called Osu it currently consists of three members [8bs]9cool [8bs]Kram [8bs]Whoisrem" imagename="" cropposition="" /> 

Welcome to 8Bs Elite Osu Team WikiEdit

[8Bs] is an elite group created in 6/10/2016 in the game Osu! They made their first appearance as a group in 10/10/2016 on their own lobby for 4-6* songs. Shadowriderwert still has not defeated our leader on Gangsta DT

Members Edit

[8Bs] currently consists of 14 members, some of them being multi-accounts (still unbanned, must be pro hackers or they just pay peppy) showing their rank and highest PP score:

[8Bs]9cool (Leader)#18753 (3748 PP)

[8Bs]Kram#780016 (48 PP)

[8Bs]WhoisRem#118421 (1236 PP)

[8bs]Well (lowercase b)#429782 ( 214 PP)

[8Bs]Phantasm #N/A (Not Active)

[8Bs]FloppyDisc #N/A

[8Bs]Kys #829200 (38 PP)

[8Bs]Hachi (Restricted for 62pp play)

[8Bs]Barcode #102175 (1435 PP)

[8Bs]WhoisRam #1097865 (12PP)

[8Bs]Apples #385573 (260 PP) 

[8Bs] SPulse #250k (484PP RESTRICTED)

[8Bs]BikDig #1512838 (3PP)

[8Bs]Dreamless #822891 (40PP)